Agona SAL Offshore

Agona Offshore has been providing International Procurement Services to Middle East Companies, North and South Africa since the beginning of 2018.


Since then Agona has pushed the boundaries of concept of Better – Faster – Cheaper. One thing that is apparent in our work ethic is quality. Since this is a service-based industry, we realize that the quality of our services coupled with outstanding saving brought to clients ensures us as the best bet in International procurement.

Jaya Hydroponic Farms

Jaya hydroponics farms offer the best hydroponics’ systems solutions tailored to your farm’s needs and requirements. After-sale maintenance and support are much appreciated by our clients.

  • Providing Hydroponic solutions and equipment tailored to your needs.
  • Fertigation
  • Environment Control
  • Water management
  • Sterilization
  • Optimization of existing hydroponic systems or Greenhouses