Who do we represent

ANEL – Since 2019

Anel has been active in the production and marketing of beekeeping supplies since 1968.

Our consistency and accountability has been internationally recognized and awarded by the APIMONDIA International Beekeeping Congress 2 times.

The ability we have for service in the machinery sector as well as customer support is reflected in the trust that has been shown to us by four of the largest European manufacturers of professional beekeeping machines, giving us the exclusive disposal of their products for Greece.

Our products have been awarded many national and international events.

We value the double prize from the APIMONDIA international beekeeping conference given to our products due to the simplicity and ingenuity that distinguishes them.

There are tasks and controls that you do and other things you wanted, but you were not able to do them.

We provide the tools to help you handle practical applications that will increase your revenue while making your work easier.