Angier SAS International – Since 1979

1966: Mr. & Mrs. Angier started the nursery activity with fresh strawberry plant production and marketing.


2004: The company is taken over by the 2 sons of Mr. & Mrs. Angier:
Bruno Angier: Production Manager
Frédéric Angier: Marketing Manager


Angier nurseries are members and administrator of the CIREF Creation Varietal. The goal of this partnership is to develop CIREF C.V. varieties.


All plants sold by ANGIER SAS International are produced in France and are certified as E.C or C.A.C by the Official Control Service (OCS), an agency under the French Ministry of Agriculture.


Acreage: Over 450 acres, with a yearly production of over 25,000,000 strawberry and raspberry plants 4,300,000 asparagus crowns.