Salia-Bekhazi established in 1962, to swiftly become leader in the field of seeds, fertilizers and potato seeds imports in Lebanon and the Middle East.

By 1979 Salia’s size exceeded expectations and has been the sole agent and distributor of over 21 multinational companies from seeds to agricultural pesticides and domestic insecticides.


For such an operation Salia has recruited a team of experts in the agriculture field as well a managerial human capital who have joined effort with the founder to reach tremendous results which marked its 56 years of operations by success and by an unmovable stand on the market.

Managed previously by the traditional flat managerial organigram with Mr. Antoine N. Bekhazi heading the operation from the slightest till the biggest details.

Salia SAL, has upgraded its current managerial hierarchy to match nowadays business requirements and operations as we grow bigger with the wise managerial skills of Mr. Bekhazi Junior.

Following up an innovative and customized reporting line which Mr. Bekhazi and the managing team receives on a daily basis from all departments briefing the status of all operations under capital.



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Employees Testimonies

Whilst some of the previous employees have decided to forge their way in life equipped with the experience and knowledge acquired from the number of years of employment at Salia-Bekhazi; they have been a success on the market and a pride to our school which has given them the chance to reach for their dreams.

Current employment force is a dedicated and satisfied platform, as well shown in the performance of the company on the market and on daily operation which can be clearly noticed by all clients and visitors who come to our premises.


In an ever-changing world, time has come for the new generation to take over and to evolve to match today’s market competition this is where Mr. Antoine N. Bekhazi decided to relay his responsibilities to his son Antoine A. Bekhazi who has been raised and taught the business ethics and professionalism since his childhood and after graduating from the business school he escorted his father on the long trip to becoming the CEO of Salia SAL since 2018, where Mr. Antoine Senior retired to give way to his unique son.

Today Salia has regenerated its identity to sum all the experience acquired from its founder with
a touch of all high-tech agriculture equipment from soil and weather stations, hydroponic agriculture and heavy machinery for agriculture and environmental use.

And as it is reflected in our identity we are aiming to revive the agriculture sector with new heights and concepts.


In our world today increasing the agriculture surface is becoming more and more a challenge specially with the growing need for buildings and other industrial facilities, plantation areas are getting smaller, this brings us to the thought to innovative agriculture within the building surfaces where the growing demands of consumers are being met with the best quality crops and vegetation from which we can feed our ever-growing global population.


As per our clients who have been with us on the 56 years journey, their testimony is the witness to our success in maintaining our objectives and policies as they are, for the benefit of our well-respected farmers and agriculture raw material buyers and sellers. Further on and in upcoming sections we will be mentioning the achievements of Salia-Bekhazi in previous years and the current unending successes.


If our vision was only to make figures and grow and business in numbers we could have flooded the market years back. But as per the vision of our founder we are keeping in sight that the market of agricultural product should always remain in balance so that the growers of our products will be always distinguished as prime quality producers, with our permanent supervision to insure the consumer is receiving the end product of our seeds with a healthy and profitable outcome for generations to come٫

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