Dacom – Since 2009

Dacom allows growers and agribusiness to optimize the quality of the crop with our sensor equipment, data driven software and advisory services. Get more out of your yield and have lower cost.


Dacom allows you to cooperate with other people on the farm. Keep a record of who has done what, and your farm situation will always be clear. It is easy to share information with external parties like contractors or advisers. The farmer can pass on a complete job order to the contractor. The contractor will tell you when the job is finished via your online farm.



  • Dacom Crop Recording
  • Dacom Agri Yield Management
  • Dacom Sensetion
  • Dacom Weather Station
  • Dacom Cloudfarm
  • Dacom Disease Management
  • Dacom TerraSen
  • Dacom Weather Forecast
  • Dacom Irrigation Management
  • Dacom Weather Data