Antoine N. Bekhazi

  • Specialized and highly experienced in the fields of agriculture, technical, economic and cultural studies, President – General Director of “Salia-Bekhazi” since, 56 years.
  • President of the Lebanese Society (Cenacle) for the Protection of Environment, unanimously re- elected on 18-11-2016, for the tenth mandate of three years.
  • Holder of the International Environment Award, for 1994, granted to him by the United Nations
  • Papal decoration of the Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great – Commander Grade- GrandOfficer, on 6-9-1997
  • Decoration of the Lebanese Army’s Emblem in 1998, by the President of Lebanon
  • Congratulations of the President, for the annual environmental activities and festivals
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of Balamand University – Lebanon
  • Honorary President for life of the Association “ADG” for the Development of Gemayze Saint Nicolas Stairs – Beirut – Lebanon
  • Holder of the Golden Medal awarded to him, officially by the Maronite Central Council on 12-12-2002
  • Holder of the Golden Medal Award of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), on 24-7-2003
  • Holder of the Golden Cross- Order of Saint Peter and Paul- Grand Officer Grade
  • Holder of the Dutch Business Prize on 11-5-2004
  • Holder of “Said Akl” Prize for Environment on 2-6-2004
  • Holder of the “World Lebanese League” Meritorious of Honor and Gratitude on 20-4-2007
  • One of the five founders in 1965 and later ex. President and then President for life of ASPLANTE, Association of Importers and Distributors of Implants for Agriculture.
  • Proclaimed in Dimane on 10-8-2007 Honorary Member of the Qannoubine League for the Apostolic Mission and Religious Heritage
  • Holder of the Royal Decoration of Knight in the Order of Orange- Nassau conferred upon him by H.M. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, through H.E her Ambassador in Lebanon, on the occasion of Salia-Bekhazi’s celebration of the company’s Golden Jubilee on Thursday 24th of May 2012
  • Holder of the Decoration – Emblem awarded to him on Sunday 23rd of September 2012 by the Cultural Houses Forums in Lebanon, in the triple agricultural, environmental and social activities field
  • Writer and poet in the French language with a collection of poems titled “Parcours & Recours”, fruit of long years, published on Thursday 4th of December 2008.

His Influence

Antoine N. Bekhazi, the man of influence and it is marked through all the people with whom he interacts with whether on work or on any other occasion he attends.

Respect, chivalry, and gentlenesses are the virtues and cornerstone of the ethics by which we manage our resources, operations, and affiliations as per his directions.

The primary influence for the awareness campaigns about unleaded fuel usage, the fighting against deforestation, the protection of wildlife, soil solarization, and treatment, headed the Decree of Environment which was signed in Beirut – Lebanon in 1991, in addition to the importance of the biological natural resorts to the environment and agriculture.

His Vision

Armed with his goodwill and intentions he always believed that all people are equal and have the right to reach their dreams and in fact, he is the person behind the dreams of many people who were in need of assistance and a vision that exceeded the time span since then and till today.