Annual Sales

With a steady remarkable turnover, which proved us to be one of the leaders on the market; even in the harshest economic crisis we stood at the same figures.


Main partnerships have been established by our initial participation and permanent presence in the associations which we are going to mention in the Public Relations Section under Memberships here below.


The success of our Founder Mr. Antoine N. Bekhazi, has extended its reach not only by personal financial benefits, he shared his fortune and profits with institutions he believes are crucial for the community to benefit from both on the national and social levels.


A sign of success is clearly shown in our client database which is clearly recorded by the names and numbers of our clients who transferred along to their children and the children of their children the Salia uniqueness of treating our clientele with the utmost respect, accuracy and customized services.

In 2019, we are proud to speak of a backbone of loyal clients, from companies to individual farmers and their families extending from the North to the South of Lebanon and covering all the regions renowned for agriculture, who increase our pride of providing them with the best as we have been doing throughout the last 56 years of our presence on the market.

On the steps of the legend ANTOINE N. BEKHAZI

As we started 56 years ago, we intend to continue with a slight add up which enables us to complete the life circle of the product, from seed to end consumer alongside the added support to farmers in assisting them in the selling of their products in the most adequate channels.

Architectural “Redefining Agri Living”

The law that was implemented in Lebanon in 1991, imposing the plantation of a certain number of trees with respect to the building area of a building, was the outcome of a constant effort to fight against the deforestation which we have proudly achieved.

Taking the latter as a baggage we evolved today’s version of it to include our latest coordination with the best architectural engineers in the country to contain plantation areas in their design of the modern buildings including top of the art irrigation implants.

A new trend is being injected which allows consumers to grow their own vegetables and fruits at their private balcony, window or garden supported by the expertise of our company.