One of the 5 founders and lifetime President of Asplante, Association of Importers and Distributors of Implants for Agriculture in Lebanon. Salia is committed to continue on providing all the necessary support to Asplante as part of its history, present and future.
The LDBA’s (Lebanese Dutch Business Association), objective is to strengthen the business ties between Lebanon and Holland, by familiarizing Dutch Businesses with the needs and requirements of the Lebanese markets, introducing Lebanese and Dutch businesses to one another, and insuring economic cooperation between both countries in favor of the business environment. Where our CEO occupies the Vice President position till current date and as active member in all events.

Social Commitments

  • Lebanese Cenacle for the protection of the environment
  • Antoine N. Bekhazi the man behind the foundation of the Ministry of Environment in Lebanon as per decree number 48/6 1991
  • Alternative energy awareness and the signature of the agreement between “The League of Arab States Organization for Agricultural Development” and the Lebanese Government on the 1st of August 1997
  • Continuous coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and the involved departments
  • National and International environmental coordination with most of the European countries and the UNDP/UNEP who support the environment protection programs
  • “Redefining Agri Living”, is a starting point to create awareness campaigns in schools and universities in the orientation of raising upcoming generations to the importance of Agri-living in a world that is eager to survive in the face of pollution of all forms.


  • Salia’s participation in numerous events has been remarked all along our presence on the market, a tremendous count of involvements has been recorded from agriculture, environmental, Embassies, NGOs, governmental and charity events.
  • Participated in the Union for the Mediterranean workshops
  • Demo Fields: The Demo Field has been our specialty for years but today and with the evolution of the industry we have shifted to the pilot project concept.
  • Pilot Project 2019: Salia’s Pilot Project 2019, is an everyday event where all students from schools, universities and any agricultural affiliation can join us for the daily testing processes in the newest climate-controlled agricultural experiments and alternative energy resources.

Numerous awards have been granted to Salia in its 56 years journey, most of which have been listed in the founder’s section, laying additional responsibility on us to strive further to keep the honor of receiving these awards well deserved.


The evolution of Salia’s advertising identity A couple of years back, the vision of advertising was a simple display of product photos and some informational lines dedicated to the company. Today with the evolution of the advertising concept we would like to take a glance at the past and present the identity evolution of Salia. Since no one has a future without a past, we are summing up the past and present which reflects the progression of the business itself.