RAM Europe – Since 2019

The RAM EUROPE Construction Company Ltd started as a private company under the name of its founder: ANDREAS TH. RENTZOS Orchomenos Boeotia, 1951.


For the next 20 years, the company has been engaged exclusively in the production of special agricultural machinery such as spray pumps, sprays, artificial rain pumps and cereal transporters.


In the period 1951-1989 he obtained 16 patents.


In 1980, with the accession of Greece to the European Union, the company was oriented towards a new professional activity for future growth. Greece was by far the largest producer of cotton in the European Union, and RAM EUROPE recognized this fact by concentrating on the production of modern cotton cultivation machines using advanced technology, such as the dual rotor chipper and the automatic lubrication system for collector cotton with hydraulic drive. Since then, 1,200 shredders and 800 automatic lubrication systems have been sold in the Greek market.


RAM EUROPE was reorganized in 1988, retaining the same name. The understanding of international technology and its adoption in the Greek market has become our goal and, in order to realize it, we have begun working with foreign firms focusing on the protection of the environment. We first dealt with the production of beach cleaning machines, coastal cleaning services and then a wide range of equipment for special upgrading, maintenance and environmental protection work.


RAM EUROPE holds an ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate for the design and construction of shore cleaning machines and multipurpose machinery.


Today, RAM EUROPE operates 4 departments that specialize in environmental protection and reflect the company’s actions in this field. Particularly:

  • Beach-RAM deals with coastal cleaning projects
  • Eco-RAM deals with the construction of beach cleaning machines and their equipment. It is also active in the development of renewable energy programs.
  • Cyclo-RAM is engaged in the manufacture of recycling equipment and waste management in general
  • Bio-RAM deals with the construction of biomass management equipment.