Redefining Agri Living

Summing up the 56 years of experience which brought us where we are today, we have tremendously evolved conceptually and productively to cope with today’s changing world, fortified with the knowledge and the following of the latest trends in agriculture and business services.


“Redefining Agri Living”, is in fact more than just a slogan that reflects the permanent evolution of the business creating innovative and out of the common recreational agriculture possibilities, where we believe agriculture shall reach every home, school, institution and every grain of soil even in the most uncommon spaces.


Through our identity we are testing all possible planting concepts from hydroponic to plantation in architectural spaces to provide people and the ozone layer with a better chance to stand against all the global pollution we are witnessing in the last decades.


Oversupply is no longer a worry to our farmers and clients, Salia has joined powers with its sister company Agona Sal Offshore for global trading, to make sure no crops are left unsold, we find the right channels to keep the products of our farmers on the local and global market with the most reasonable prices yet in the most elegant packaging and conditions.


Processing of fruits and vegetables is also a new trend to be implemented by Salia in the process of completing the life cycle of the products we sell, from seed to consumer, we collect, treat, and package the crops to be sold to hotels, supermarkets and restaurants in the best and healthiest form according to ISO, HACAP and Global Gap standards.


Damaged crops would no longer be a loss to farmers since, we have set plans to recycle all defected crops to be resold as animal food or fertilizer, minimizing the losses of any kind.